Organic Baobab Powder - 150g

What Baobab is?

Baobab powder comes from a tree that grows in the Malawi reserves and has been treasured for centuries in Africa because of its brilliant health benefits. It is also considered one of the foods with higher vitamin content, making it the perfect antioxidant that takes care of your skin and helps to slow down the aging effects.

 Use: Add 2-4 teaspons to smoothies, juices, desserts, cereals, yogurt, porridge, or mix it with coconut watter. | Click to get inspired by our recipes.

Sourcing: South Africa

Weight: 150g | 19 servings


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Vitality Superfoods

Are you feeling tired and exhausted? Get back that energy and vitality in a glimpse thanks to the vitamin C and iron that the Baobab contains.

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BALANCE PH. In case you have been eating out or drinking too much coffee, soda or alcohol, the Baobab powder can help your restore the alkaline balance of your body.

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HYDRATION. Are you drinking enough water every day? If you feel dehydration headaches and low energy levels, add some Baobab powder to your water bottle for a great taste, and an extra injection of hydration and magnesium that will help improve your electrolyte balance.

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