Organic Chlorella Powder - 125g

What Chlorella is?

This green algae has powerfully detoxifying properties that will help you with your digestion, having a clear and smooth skin, and boosting a strong immune system! Chlorella is an old microalgae that are full of beneficial nutrients and contains more chlorophyll than any other plant on earth!

Use:  Add a teaspoon to your favorite smoothies, juice, ice cream, salads, or just add it on water. | Click to get inspired by our recipes.

Sourcing: China

Weight: 125g | 42 servings


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If you've had enough coffee, wine or pollution from your city journeys, cleanses the body with the help of chlorella, which will help you eliminating alcohol, heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins.

Do you need a reset? Get iron, and vitamin B6, B12, stimulating  the cells renewal and tissues.

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Are you feeling bloated and heavy? Balance your intestinal flora by normalizing the "good" bacteria in the gut and help your stomach be flat and happy with your Chlorella dose.

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