Organic Spirulina Powder - 100g

What Spirulina is?

Spirulina is a miraculous microalgae that helps keeping you focused, nourished and full of energy! It is also a rich natural source of many nutrients: a fast absorbable and complete protein, beta-carotene, chlorophyll, iron, vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12, which has led many to classify it as "the most nutrient dense food on the planet. "

 Use:  Add a teaspoon to your favorite smoothies, juice, ice cream, salads, or just add it on water. | Click to get inspired by our recipes.

Sourcing: China

Weight: 100g | 33 servings


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Do you have a constant desire for snacks? Combat sweet cravings and helps reduce portion sizes thanks to the complete protein properties, having spirulina that is rapidly absorbed by your body.

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If you are having a difficult time at work or school, spirulina can help you find your zen and obtain a balanced psychological state.

health benefits characteristics superfoods  spirulina

Are you worried about your future health? Get an extra dose of thiamine, an essential Vitamin specially good for the heart and xanthophylls, which is similar to a carotene that help you reduce cataracts and macular degeneration that comes with aging.

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